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Bullet Lube: Hexagonal Boron Nitride "White Graphite" Powder

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What is Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder? HBN is similar to graphite. It is a very popular dry lubricant due to its lubricant properties as well as its inertness to molten metals and salts. 

HBN (White Graphite) also has a high thermal conductivity rating of 160 - 200 W/mk. This means it will act as a heat sink, helping to keep hot or moving parts cooler. It will also improve the strength of powder composites.

If you require a different size of HBN, or need volume discounts, please order from our Main HBN Order Page.

Lead Time:  1-2 business days plus transit time.  Material is generally kept in stock, but sometimes we will need a day or two to repackage into smaller containers.  


  • 1 Pound Packaging:  Plastic wide mouth jar with screw top lid.

For those of you mixing your own formulation, note that HBN is always measured by weight, not volume.  Therefore, a 12% HBN by weight is ~1 lb of HBN per gallon of water." 

Sizing Nomenclature:   A -5 (Negative Five) micron material will have the majority of its particles smaller than 5 micron, generally having a D50 of 2-3 micron.  Think of D50 as an average, although technically, the D50 is considered to be the average particle diameter by mass.  (D50 = Mass-median-diameter (MMD)). 

These powders are not "graded" powders, which means that the D50 will vary somewhat from lot to lot.

Handling Warning:  This material is so fine it is hygroscopic (water loving).  Thus the particle size will increase due to "attraction" or "clumping" of the particles together, once exposed to air and humidity.  Make sure you use the material immediately after opening, package it tightly, and store it in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  We package small quantity orders of our -5 micron material (1 lb or less), in plastic jars with wide mouth screw top lids, and we also add a desiccant in the jar.  Please make sure you store your HBN properly and keep the jar sealed well.  For gun barrel lube or dry bullet lube applications, attraction of particles or "clumping" will generally not affect you, since you are adding this to a vibratory tumbler. 

Second, since HBN is extremely fine, fluffy material, it can cause respiratory tract infections.  So try to minimize inhalation.  (No specific intervention is indicated as the compound is not likely to be hazardous by inhalation.  However, if symptoms occur, consult a physician.) 

Shipping Information:  Small quantities of the -5 Micron will generally ship in 24 - 48 hours.  Larger quantities and all other sizes will require a three day lead time, due to ISO Quality Control procedures.


  • Surface Area:  7.4 m2/g
  • Nickname:  White Graphite
  • Tap Density  0.45
  • Physical Data:  Similar to Graphite
  • Thermal Conductivity 160 - 200 W/mk:  High
  • Color:  White in its dry state
  • Purity:  99.0% (Standard Grade)
  • Structure: Hexagonal
  • Bulk Density:  0.4 g/cc3
  • Flash Point:  Will not burn.
  • Fire & Explosion Hazards:  None
  • Bullet Coating:  -5 or -10 will work great for this application.
  • Coatings In General:  The HBN powder will work at ~1350 degrees C (2462 F) as a max temperature.  In most cases, a -10 powder will be more stable at high temperatures, and mixes much better into a coating than other sizes.


  • Typical Bulk Packaging:  10 kg bags (22 lbs), then four bags stacked inside a fiber drum (88 lbs per drum)
  • 1 Pound Packaging:  1 lb per plastic bag or plastic wide mouth jar with screw top lid.


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