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Copper Slag Sandblasting Abrasive

Sharpshot (R) copper slag sandblasting abrasive is available in 3 main grades:

  1. Coarse:  12/30
  2. Medium:  20/50
  3. Fine: 30/60
  4. Very Fine:  40/120 (up to a 1 mil profile, similar to 80 Garnet or 80 grit silica sand.)

Minimum Order:  Full truckoads are usually shipped, but we can ship pallet quantities if necessary (the freight cost per lb dramatically increases if we ship less than a full van or flatbed.)

Packaging:  Bulk (loose), 2 ton supersacks, or smaller 75lb bags.

Reclaiming and Profile Details:

  • Sharpshot (R) 12/30 grit can be reclaimed up to 5 times, by adding 15% new into the mix.
  • Sharpshot (R) 12/30 will provide a 4.5 to 5.0 mil profile when blasted at 90-100 psi, with a 45 to 90 degree angle, 18-24" distance to Surface.
  • Sharpshot (R) 20/50 grit can be reclaimed twice.(The first blast as a 20/50, and then the second, reclaimed media will be as a 30/60.)
  • Sharpshot (R) 20/50 will provide 2.5-3.0 mil profile when blasted at 90-100 psi, with a 45 to 90 degree angle, 18-24" distance to Surface.  Many users will blast at an 80 psi in order to get more passes out of the material.
  • 30/60 will provide a 2.0 to 2.5 mils profile when blasted at 90-100 psi, with a 45 to 90 degree angle, 18-24" distance to Surface.
  • 30/60 grit cannot be reclaimed, it is just too fine.
  • A 3.0 mils profile is possible with 30/60 but only on new steel without any coating.
  • Media is dense enough to be reclaimed via a Cyclone separator:  115 to 120#'s/cubic foot.
  • Copper slag is a hard, cubical, and aggressive sandblasting media.   Contrary to its name it contains almost no copper.
  • Air cooled, not water quenched.  Angular and Aggressive.
  • Independent studies have shown it to be the fastest cutting slag abrasive.
  • Enviromentally friendly.
  • Approved for recycling in Portland cement.
  • Best abrasive to use when ranked on cutting speed and cost per sq. ft., according to independent NIOSH tests. 
  • Both arsenic and lead testing is done to the material and is therefore on the United States Naval Qualified  Products list. 
  • California Air Resources Board  (CARB) approved for dry outdoor abrasive blasting.
  • Please email us for a custom freight quotation on this material.   
  • Packaging:  Bulk (loose), 2 ton supersacks, or smaller 75lb bags.
  • Pallet charges will also apply. Shrinkwrapping is available at an additional charge.
  • Priced per net ton, or per 2,000lbs.
  • Email us for custom pricing and multiple truckload prices!


Typical Applications:

  • Sandblasting, Surface Prep
  • Grinding Wheels (20/50 Medium)
  • Corrosion Cleaning
  • Garment & Textile Blasting
  • Jean & Clothing Sandblasting
  • Offshore oil pipeline blasting
  • Waterjet Cutting Deepsea Structures
  • Roofing Granules - 12/30 for tab shingles, 40/120 for felt and polyester roll roofing 
  • Pipeline Blasting
  • Golf Course Filler - ballast for artificial turf (30/60)
  • Additive to make high density concrete for nuclear shielding (40/120)
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Blast Cleaning
  • Asphault anti-skid additive (30/60)
  • Slag Wool Insulation


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