Mil Profile Chart for Brown Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide Grit

Sandblast Grit - aluminum oxide

Mil Profile Chart for Aluminum Oxides – These Are Approximations Only!  Approximations are based on using a pressure blaster on hot rolled steel, having tightly adhering mill scale, using a 90-100 psi.  Anchor patterns will vary tremendously based on other variables such as hardness & type of steel, level of corrosion being removed, blast angle, blast distance from the steel, etc.

These mil profiles are for Brown Fused Aluminum Oxides, including Sinterblast.

1 mil profile = 100 grit aluminum oxide
1.5 mil profile = 50 grit aluminum oxide
2 mil profile = 36 grit aluminum oxide
2.5 mil profile = 24 grit aluminum oxide
3 mil profile = 16 grit aluminum oxide
4 mil profile = 12 or 16 grit aluminum oxide

Aluminum oxide is a very hard, tough, durable abasive that can be recycled many times.  It is also expensive, so you should only use it in a blast cabinet or blast room where it can be recycled and reused many times.  Recommended by OSHA as a replacement media for silica sand.


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