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Pool Filtration Media - Glass

Pool Filtration Media - Glass
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Because glass filtration media is more efficient at removing particulates than sand, you can run your filter less with better results!  Below are some of the main benefits of switching from sand to glass:

  • Direct replacement for silica sand
  • You use 20% less glass than silica sand due to its lower density
  • Glass is less porous so it counteracts algae buildup, keeping your filter cleaner longer.
  • Contains no free silicia
  • For all sand filters
  • 100% Recycled Glass
  • Glass has been known to remain effective for up to 10 years, compared to sand (2-3 years)
  • Longer lasting (3x)
  • Removes twice the iron and manganese
  • Superior Cleaning, Safer to Use
  • Lower operating Costs - easy replacement and maintenance
  • Does not require recharging like zeolite
  • Will not channel or clump like sand
  • Will not cause a dust cloud when pouring into your filter
  • Installs in any standard sand media filter
  • 100% Recycled glass product, great for the environment
  • More Effecient:  Glass reduces energy costs, reduces wear and tear on equipment, reduces maintenance, reduces backwashes, reduces the heavy use of chlorine and other sanitizers due to its high efficiency

Request A Quote Now!  Sold by the pallet or 2,400lbs at a time.  48, 50 lb bags.  




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