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High Temperature Boron Nitride Coatings & Release Agents, sold by the gallon

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Offering both thick and thin HBN coating compositions, sold by the gallon (above).   Details on our 4 main compositions are below, please scroll down.

Our high temperature coatings are non flammable and stable.  BY DEFAULT, all our coatings will be water based, such as all the coatings you can order off this web page.  However, they can be formulated with oil or ethanol as a custom product for you.  We can also formulate lubricants blended with rust inhibitors, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Why use HBN?  Hexagonal Boron Nitride is one of the most popular dry lubricants available today, due mostly to its lubricant properties, thermal conductivity (heat sink), and its inertness to molten metals and salts.  It is often incorporated into a paste or a thin sprayable composition, for use in high temperature coating applications, such as tooling and stamping machined parts, extrusion presses, mold release, etc.  Excellent for Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Lead foundry applications.  It is also white in color, so you do not get black all over everything, assuming you were previously using graphite.

How is it applied?  It is generally painted on with a common paint brush, or sprayed on if formulated for a spray gun, but it will depend on your application and how much you water it down.

How is it sold?  It is formulated by the gallon, and therefore sold by the gallon.  Discounts available with 10 or more gallons purchased.  Minimum purchase is one gallon.  You may order one gallon quanties on this page.  Details on each for main formulas are below.

What is the viscosity?  Depends on your application.  This will vary from light (for use in a spray gun) to very thick.  If you are using a water based formula (water is our default base), then you can always dilute the coating down with tap water to your desired thickness.  If you are using the coating for multiple purposes or applications, then consider buying a thick paste and diluting it down prior to use, based on your intended application.  (If you are buying a custom oil or ethanol based coating, then dilute wiith oil or ethanol).  Cps stands for "Centipois".  This is the measurement of viscosity/ thickness of liquid.

What is the Boron Nitrde content?  This will vary from 5 to 40%.  We do not reveal our formula.

How will the coating stick to my parts?  These coatings are designed with binders that cause them to stick to parts, so you spray it on, paint, or dip your parts into it, and then as it wears off you re-apply as needed.  The binders cause it to stick.  Users will often spray it on, then dry it under heat to get it to stick, so they can continue their process.  One or more coatings can be used, as desired.  Reapply as needed.  We can formulate coatings with NO binders, if desired, please contact us for a quote.  (Without binders, you should be able to wash the coating off your part fairly easily.

What if I want to make my own coating?  Then please order a lb or more of HBN powder here.  Usually, the -10 powder is the easiest to blend into a coating.

Main Formulations & Boron Nitride Content - such as those you can order at top of this page.  They will all contain binders, and be water based by default:  

  1. Mold Casting Release Formulation - up to 10% HBN.  This will have a viscosity ranging from 150 - 200 cPS, and is suitable for spraying.
  2. Anti-Wetting Coating for Metal, Ceramics & Graphite - thin composition - up to 25%.  
  3. General Purpose High Temperature Coating - thicker composition - up to 25% BN.  This is basically a paste: viscosity range will be ~2,500 ~ ~2,800 cPS. More like a heavy batter.  You can water this down with tap water to a sprayable coating if desired.  Cps stands for "Centipois".  This is the measurement of viscosity/ thickness of liquid.
  4. Heavy Duty thick composition for coating parts that are moving in molten metal - up to 40% BN.  This is a very thick paste - having a viscosity range of ~5,000  ~  ~6,000 cPS.  If you order this product, please tell us what your intended application will be, including your maximum temperature it will need to protect so we can make sure it will work for you.  You can water this down with tap water to a sprayable coating if desired.  Cps stands for "Centipois".  This is the measurement of viscosity/ thickness of liquid.

What is the cost for CUSTOM pastes and coatings?  The percentage of HBN in the paste will, among other things, determine price.  Please Contact Us with the following information and we will quote you a custom coating:

  • What is the maximum operating temperature the coating will be exposed to?
  • What is your application, how will you use it, what type of machine or surface are you applying it to, etc.?
  • How thick (viscous) do you desire the paste to be (if known)?
  • How many gallons do you require a quote on?


Boron Nitride Powder Content: Varies from 5% to 36% depending on specific application.
Color: Varies from white to light brown.
Density: Varies from 0.75 g/cm3 to 1.2 g/cm3.
Viscosity: From very light (suitable for spray guns) to heavy paste, available for entire range of Boron Nitride content.
Liquid Base: Water, Oil or Ethanol.
Application Temperature: 1350 (C max.)
Special Product Enhancements: Are available on request including formulation with Alumina as a binding agent.
PH Level Range:


Specialized and Custom Formulated Lubricants Containing Boron Nitride:

  1. BNBL-FG: FG coatings are applied where fretting and galling is a problem (such as splines, universal joints and keyed bearings).  FG coatings will not collect dirt and debris like greases and oils.
  2. BNBL-ECP: Extreme contact pressures. The BN-ECP provides lamellar structure oriented in parallel to the sliding surface resulting in high load-bearing capabilities in a low shear stress environment.  Among applications is Superplastic Metal Forming that involves extensive deformation.  ECP product offers controlled adhesion, easy removal after forming and minimizes build-up on dies.
  3. BNBL-ICE: Used where smooth running in a clean operation is desired (piston, camshaft).
    Used as a piston ring coating to optimize engine performance during break-in period. 
  4. BNBL-HTL:  High temperature applications.  HTL Boron Nitride exhibits high tolerance to temperature and oxidizing atmosphere environments, whereas liquid lubricants typically will not survive. A typical application include fasteners which are easily tightened and unscrewed after a long stay at high temperatures.

Shipping Information:  Due to ISO Quality Control procedures, this material takes 3 business days from the date of order, to the date of shipping.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Please Contact Us for custom quotes.

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Andy Ribbins
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Using as release agent for my kiln where I melt glass into molds
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jack johnson
Apr 29, 2013
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Advantages: thick paste can brush it on
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Gregory Miscoff
Mar 14, 2003
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Bought the mold casting release, will buy again
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