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Steel Ballast

Steel Ballast: Clean, screened and oil-free steel materials to meet your most stringent weight standards.

Pricing: Ballast cost is based on your required specific density, your required pounds per cubic feet, as well as the quantity ordered. We suggest you calculate the exact square feet of space you need to fill, then determine if a basic ballast such as a 265#/cu.ft. blend will meet your needs. We can supply up to a 300#/cu.ft. product, with cost rising as you increase the #/cu.ft. Therefore, if you have lots of space and do not need ballast with a high #/cu.ft. specification, then go with a cheaper, but lower #/cu.ft. product.

All metallic abrasives are sold by the net ton, or per 2,000lbs. Due to the heavy weight of this material, you cannot purchase this material online. A custom freight quotation is necessary. Please use our Quote Request to submit your inquiry, or click on the product link below for additional details and information on our ballast products.



Steel Ballast and Iron Aggregates
Custom Quotation Required

This product requires a custom quotation. Please Contact Us for a quote.

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