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Metallic Steel Shot/Nuggets

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This is a new blast media designed to be used for general blast cleaning. You will notice by the picture, that instead of round little balls, this is more of a "potato" shaped product.  As it is being used, it will change shape into a rounder, more spherical product, and less shaped like a potato. 

This is a wrought carbon steel blast media.  It differs from standard SAE Steel Shot iin that it is cold worked, causing all the surfaces to be peened, and resulting in a product that is of a greater durability and cleanliness than standard SAE steel shot.  The wrought steel microstructure (average of 44 Rc hardness) contributes to high strength, greater fracture resistance and longer life. In lab tests performed in an Ervin Test Machine and in actual production tests, the durability of our Steel Nuggets has proven to equal or exceed other steel shot and grit medias on the market today. These nuggets are ideally suited for either centrifugal wheel blast or air-blast applications, and are available in sizes SN-660 through SN-70.  (LIMITED Availability for finer sizes SN170, SN110, and SN70)

This metallic steel media, like all steel shot and grit, will adjust monthly in price, based on current steel scrap surcharges. Please keep this in mind.

All metallic abrasives are sold by the net ton, or per 2,000lbs. Packaging normally consists of steel drums, although we can package into 50lb bags, palletized, at an additional charge.

Due to the heavy weight of this material, you cannot purchase this material online. A custom freight quotation is necessary. Please use our Quote Request form to submit your inquiry.

Cost of this material adjusts monthly, along with Steel Scrap Surcharges.  Please email us your inquiry and we will quote.  We will need to know the number of tons, size, and ship-to zip code for us to quote.

  • Color:  Metallic
  • Hardness:  44 Rc
  • Grain Shape:  Potato shaped shot/nugget
  • Particle Size:  SN660 through SN70  (LIMITED Availability for finer sizes SN170, SN110, and SN70)
  • Typical Applications:
    • Blast Cleaning
    • Counterweight
    • Heavyweight Ballast
    • Neutron Absorption (Example: Hospital X-Ray Rooms)
    • Sandblasting
    • Surface Preparation
  • Typical Packaging:  
    • 50lb bag or by net ton (2,000lbs per pallet).  Steel 55 gallon drums, weight varies by gradation ordered
    • Pricing Based Per: 
      Priced by net ton, plus current Scrap Surcharges


​GRIT NUGGET BLEND IS ALSO AVAILABLE!  This is a mix of grit and nuggets.  This media has a wrought carbon steel microstructure, made via a proprietary cold forged process, with an average 44 Rc hardness.  GN-18 through GN-325 is available.  It is ideally suited for either centrifugal wheel blast or air-blast applications.  This is a fast cleaning, long lasting media for all blast cleaning applications. Performance of this media is superior in durability and cleaning to that of standard SAE grades of steel grit. The wrought steel microstructure contributes to higher strength, greater fracture resistance and longer life.  Due to the products combination of unique particle shape and high specific density of 7.8g/cc (versus cast grit of only 7g/cc) it can reduce your cleaning cycle with no increase in maintenance cost.

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