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Silicon Metal Chunks 0.5 inch and down







Although industrial grade Silicon Metals (Si) are used across many industries, it is most often used to create stronger and lighter weight metals, such as aluminum products.  It is used to make everything from semiconductors and solar cells, to high speed fiber optics, pharmaceuticals, and silicone rubbers.  Our Silicon Metals are made in the USA and are 99.0% pure or higher.

Typical Industrial Grades:

  • 2” x ½”
  • ½” x down
  • ¼” x down
  • 8 mesh x down
  • 40 mesh x down


  • All grades are 99.0% min purity.


  • Silicon Metals is available in a variety of sizes as large as 2", down to a -40 mesh.  If you require a special grade, we may be able to screen this product to meet your specifications.  Please fill out our RFQ Form here.

End Products That Use Silicon Metal:

  • Silicones
  • Solar Cells
  • Semiconductors
  • High Speed Communication Devices
  • Reaction Bonded Ceramic Parts
  • Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbides
  • Siliconized Silicon Carbides
  • Aluminum Alloys & Castings to make strong but lightweight parts (automotive and aircraft industries for example)
  • Die-Casting Alloys