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Ultra Soft Shot Metallic Abrasive

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ULTRA SOFT SHOT now available!  This media is designed to replace glass beads, plastic media, and other soft abrasives in non-destructive blasting and polishing applications. The hardness of Ultra Soft Shot is typically between 12 and 15 RC  ( 3-3.5 Mohs).  Ultra Soft Shot will not harden while in use, it stays at the same hardness (unlike stainless steel shot).

Ultra Soft Shot is a soft steel for use in abrasive blasting applications where little or no damage or change to the surface can be tolerated. It can be used in airblast and airless machines, with no equipment changes or special adjustments needed. Because it is so soft, it nearly eliminates wear and tear on machinery.  Little to no ferrous impingement.  It can be used in standard blast machines, allowing you to mass finish parts that are now being finished one-at-a-time in an airblast cabinet.

Soft shot has an extremely high durability - it will last 6,000 to 7,000 cycles.  Compare this to low density glass bead that will last 5-8 cycles, or plastic media at 4-6 cycles. 

Minimum order:  500 lb keg or 2000 lbs as packaged in 50 lb bags.

Possible Applications:

  • deflashing non-ferrous die castings
  • removal of carbon build-up in exhaust valves
  • cleaning steel or iron machined surfaces
  • mold cleaning in foundries, investment castings, etc
  • scale removal
  • coating removal such as from light metal stampings
  • aluminum wheel restoration



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