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Boron Carbide Powder for Boronizing Applications, per Lb

Boron Carbide Powder for Boronizing Applications, per Lb
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SKU B4C 40/140 (No Additives)
Weight + Tare 1.25 lbs
Our price: $24.00
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This B4C is a boron carbide only product.  It is sized appropriately for boronizing.  It is not too coarse (not enough contact between B4C particles), and not too fine, which would cause caking (too quick of a reaction).  It is a blend of boron carbide particles.  Boron content of approximately 76% to 78%. 

This is a broad range of particle size powder with the rough average being at ~100 micron (~120 grit).  NOTE:  If you have a process in place that uses a different range of sizing, please indicate the particle size range specs.  We can usually accommodate the size of your choice, within reason.

No Additives:  This blend does not contain any additives (activators), such as KBF4.  This is a 100% boron carbide blend used for boronizing applications.  Upon Request, we can mix a boronizing blend with additives.  Minimum order is one net ton or more.  Please ask for a quote request if interested.

What is Boronizing?  Boronizing is a thermochemical surface treatment, which increases wear and abrasion resistance.   Essentially boronizing makes the workpiece harder and more resistant to corrosion, wear, abrasion, and acids.  Boronizing is great for tools, molds, machinery, die components.  It also decreases the need for lubrication, and can be polished to a high gloss finish after treatment.

Minimum Quantity:  This boronizing blend is generally sold in quantities of 50lbs or more, although you may order as little as 10 lbs online at top of this page.  Ten pounds is our minimum order.  Lead time is three business days for ISO QC paperwork to be completed.  

Storage:  The best recommendation is to keep the drum/ container closed at all times when not in use. You want to avoid absorbing any moisture from the air.  But, the boronizing temperature will be very high so any moisture will be quickly burned off.  As for storage temperature, it is always best to store indoors at room temperature or close to room temperature. Not to be stored outdoors.
The shelf life is at least one year and likely many more years assuming that the container is kept in a closed state and dry.

Please use our Quote Request page to obtain a bid for quantities over 50lbs.  Normally this material is packaged in 100 lb drums, but you can order less than that off this page, above.


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