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Glass Pozzolan Powders

Glass powders are often used as pozzolans in concrete mixes. When added to concrete mix, glass pozzolan powders (very white, low alkali) react with the mix, forming a cement binder called calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The end result is that between ten to thirty percent of the cement mix can be replaced by glass pozzolan powder. This is a good thing because the end result is that of a stronger concrete with less lime and therefore, less efflorescence issues. (The lime causes efflorescence, which is a whitish buildup on the surface of concrete. It obscures color and takes away from the aesthetics.)

Chemically, VCAS™ pozzolans are comprised largely of oxides of silicon, aluminum and calcium with no deleterious impurities. The CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 proportions, the low alkali metal content, and the amorphous structure are ideal for a pozzolanic additive in hydraulic concrete. The low iron content makes them particularly well suited for applications using white cement, such as mortars, stuccos, terrazzo, artificial stone, and cast-in-place or precast concrete products

Glass Pozzolan Benefits on Fresh Concrete: 

  • Improved workability 
  • Reduction in water requirements 
  • Ease of dispersability 
  • Reduction in superplasticizer 
  • Reduction in bleeding 
  • Reduction in aggregate segregation

Glass Pozzolan Benefits on Hardened Concrete:

  • Increased compressive strength
  • Decreased permeability
  • Increased durability Added-Value
  • Mix-color neutrality and brightness
  • Improved retention of mold detail
  • Sustainability -

Sold in 50 lb bags, 48 basg/pallet.  Availalble in a VCAS™ 140, VCAS™ 160, and an VCAS™ Ultra 200.

Technical Data Sheets available.