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Tungsten Carbide Custom Shapes/Forms

Custom Tungstsen Carbide (WC) parts are made by blending Tungsten Carbide powders with Cobalt binder products to create your custom form via mechanically pressing, machining, sintering, and then diamond wheel grinding to meet your exact specifications. Pieces created can be "end use" pieces, or raw blanks that you finish out with your own internal machining processes, such as for OEM parts.

Examples include:

  • Nozzles, Inserts, Intricate Shapes
  • Studs and Substrates
  • Valve Parts, Rings, Rolls
  • Preformed Blanks
  • Wear Parts
  • Bearings
  • Cans and Containers
  • Fluid Handling Devices
  • Rotary Tool and Die Fabrication: Tools, Tips, Blades, Blanks
  • Rock, Coal, Oil Drilling Parts 

Due to the parts being made from scratch, the WC powder used can be matched to meet the requirements of your piece.  WC powders are custom blended to supply qualities such as extended wear resistance, production heat resistance, pressure resistance, impact, edge strength, etc.

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