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Aluminum Oxide, White Fused

High purity white fused aluminum oxide is available in both medical grade as well as regular sandblasting grades.   When contacting us for a quote, please specify which type of white aluminum oxide you require a quote on. 

  • High purity for high tech applications such as electroplating
  • Highly friable, will break down quickly exposing new edges.
  • Sandblasting, etching, carving, surface preparation, dermabrasion, medical implants, epoxy flooring additive
  • Grits Available: 16 through 1200
  • Thermally Conductive
  • Sold in a variety of packaging options: Bags, Drums, Super Sacks  
  • Samples available for testing prior to purchase
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Aluminum Oxide White Fused Sandblasting Abrasive, Coarser Grades 8 through 240, 49 lbs
(4 reviews)  

Aluminum Oxide White Fused Sandblasting Abrasive, Fine Grades 280 through 1200, 25lb box or more
(1 reviews)