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Corn Cob Flours & Beeswing

Corn Cob Flours & Beeswing
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Corn cob flours and beeswing products are available.  Corn cob flour consists of particles of the corn cob that have been carefully sifted and then sized accordingly.  Corn Cob "Beeswing" is the chaff left behind after the corn kernels have been shelled from the cob. They are the largest particle parts – soft and highly absorbent.

General Applications for Corn Cob Flours:

  • Inert Carrier Applications
  • Animal Feed Carrier (vitamins, flavors, medicines)
  • Dilutant
  • Absorption of oils and cleaning fluids  

General Applications for Corn Cob Beeswing:

  • Ideal as an industrial and environmental absorbent
  • Component of drilling fluid products
  • Oil and natural gas drilling industries


  1. 40 or 50 lb bags, one net ton per pallet
  2. Tote Bags (Range from 1800-2100lbs per tote)
  3. Bulk
  4. Custom Production, Custom Bagging, and Custom Blending Available  Get A Quote Now!
  5. Minimum Quantity:  Generally corn cob flour is sold by the net ton, or per 2,000 lb pallets.  We can sell less than a full pallet, but it is generally quite expensive to do so.  Call or Email us for a quote. 


  • -20 Beeswing: US Standard Mesh -20
  • 8/20 BPC (beeswing, pith, and chaff): US Standard Mesh 8/20
  • PC Flour (pith and chaff):  US Standard Mesh -20
  • -50/+100 Beeswing: US Standard Mesh 50/100
  • -100R:  US Standard Mesh -90 (Minimum of 90% is -100 and 0% of +30)
  • -150 Cob Flour: US Standard Mesh -150

Additional Specifications:

  • Origin:  Iowa
  • Environmentally Friendly:  Our corn cob flours are biodegradable, non-toxic, silica-free, USDA Bio-Preferred product.  NOT certified as organically produced.


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