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Boron Carbide F400 Grit Wire Saw Slicing Order Page

Boron Carbide F400 Grit Wire Saw Slicing Order Page
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Weight + Tare 1.25 lbs
Our price: $48.00
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Quantity Price
25-49 Items $37.50
50+ Items $25.00
Note: you must order at least 5 items

This Boron Carbide powder is manufactured specifically for wire saw slicing.  Emphasis has been placed on grain shape during the crushing process, along with a special multi-stage gradation process.  5 lb minimum order.  

The F400 B4C-SWS is often used for wire saw slicing applications (40/12 micron).   F360 B4C-SWS can also be used as well (32/8 micron) for wire saw slicing.  

This powder is put through an extra grading/ classification step that removes a small percentage of larger paricles that could impact the TTV (total thickness variance) and chipping.

Please note that these two products are different from Standard F360 and F400 Boron Carbide powders, so make sure you are ordering the correct item.  If the product item code contains "SWS" it is designed for wire saw slicing.  If you are seeking a boron carbide powder to polish sapphires , please look for a model number that ends with the letters "SP".

FEPA Gradation, Abrasive Grade.  B+C = 98% minimum.

Specifications of Abrasive Grade Boron Carbide:

  • Typical Packaging: Depends on quantity ordered
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Safety: Avoid breathing dust; wear protective gear
  • Purity:  98% B + C minimum
  • Melting Point:  2723 ?F
  • Custom Gradation Available?  Yes
  • Nickname:  B4C, Black Diamond
  • Hardness:  3000 Knoop < 9.5 Mohs
  • Grain Shape: Blocky, Angular
  • Type: Granular or powdery depending on grade
  • Specific Gravity: 2.51
  • Pricing Based Per: Pound 
  • NMF Classification: Class 55
  • Color: Black 
  • Instability: Stable
  • Hazardous? Not listed as hazardous; see other cautions
  • Disposal: According to Federal, State, Local regulations
  • Fire & Explosion: Fines can cause explosion and smolder
  • Keep away from all sources of ignition

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