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Boron Carbide Sintering Aids

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We offer two different sizes of Boron Carbide Sintering Aid Powders.  These powders are used as a sinter aid for making Silicon Carbide (SiC) sintered ceramics.  These Boron Carbide additives aid in the sintering process by removing oxygen and is typically used as 1- 2% by weight (not volume).

  • ~ 0.5 Micron nanoparticle.  (At an additional cost, add $38.00 to base price). The largest particle size in this powder will be about 5 microns.  Typically, 98% of all of the particles will be smaller than 1.7 micron. The average particle size is ~0.6 micron.  This powder has Boron content of 76% minimum.
  • 1.7 Micron - This powder has a large collection of fines, with the D50 average particle size approximately 1.7 - 2.0 micron.  The largest particle size in this powder is 6 - 7 microns.
  • Minimum Quantity:  1 pound.  Sold by the pound.  Discount apply with higher quantities, discount chart is found at the bottom of this page.

Please also see our 0.5 micron Green Silicon Carbide Sintering Flour.  (This used as the base material for a SiC sintered ceramic).

Specifications of Abrasive Grade Boron Carbide:

  • Typical Packaging: Depends on quantity ordered
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Safety: Avoid breathing dust; wear protective gear
  • Purity:  98% B + C minimum
  • Melting Point:  2723 ?F
  • Custom Gradation Available?  Yes
  • Nickname:  B4C, Black Diamond
  • Hardness:  3000 Knoop < 9.5 Mohs
  • Grain Shape: Blocky, Angular
  • Type: Granular or powdery depending on grade
  • Specific Gravity: 2.51
  • Pricing Based Per: Pound 
  • NMF Classification: Class 55
  • Color: Black 
  • Instability: Stable
  • Hazardous? Not listed as hazardous; see other cautions
  • Disposal: According to Federal, State, Local regulations
  • Fire & Explosion: Fines can cause explosion and smolder
  • Keep away from all sources of ignition

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