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Aluminum Oxide White Fused Sandblasting Abrasive, Fine Grades 280 through 1200, 25lb box or more

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White fused aluminum oxide is a very high purity oxide, and thus recommended when contamination is an issue to be considered.  It also has a medium high friability rating, so it will shatter and break down faster than brown fused aluminum oxide and thus preferred when you do not want a lot of profile to your substrate, or contamination is an issue.  Finer grades are often used for polishing applications.  White fused AO is created from the fusion of high purity calcined alumina in electric arc furnaces.  The result is a product with high hardness, high friability, high purity, high melting point, and large crystal size.  All Aluminum Oxide abrasives unless specifically indicated otherwise, meet the following specifications:  AA – 59316, Type 1 – Grades A, B, C; GE Aircraft Engine Specifications D5OTF5-S9 Classes A, D and Pratt & Whitney PMC specifications.

Use this page to order White Fused Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Abrasives.  Grades 240 & Finer can be purchased in as small a quantity as 25 lbs.  IF you are seeking coarse grade up to 220, please click here.  Repackaging/Processing lead times are 1-3 business days.

White Fused Aluminum Oxide Specs:

  • Obtained from a reduction fusion of high quality bauxites in electric arc furnaces
  • Electroplating Grade
  • Very Tough: Hardness Rating of 9 on the Mohs scale
  • Can be recycled multiple times
  • High Friability - This means if you are sandblasting with it, it will shatter on impact and break down quickly.  This is desireable for many applications, such as when etching glass or polishing.  Note however, it is the same hardness as brown fused aluminum oxide.  Friabilty is a measurement of how quickly the grit will shatter and break down, upon impact, thus causing less damage to your substrate.
  • White in Color
  • Melting Temperature (C) is 2050
  • Alpha macro crystal from trigonal class, hexagonal system.
  • 99.4%+ Aluminum Oxide
  • All our blasting medias are new, not reclaimed.
  • Recommended by OSHA as alternative to silica sand
  • Recommended for vibratory tumblers, performing best on material 5-8 in hardness/toughness

What Is Friablity?  Short Answer:  How easily/quicky a media shatters on impact and breaks down.  This is different from Hardness Rating.  Sandblasting medias can have the same hardness rating, but completely different Friability Ratings.  Think of Friability as durability.  

  • Brown Fused Aluminum Oxides have a LOW friability, so it will break down slowly, and coarser sizes can be recycled and reclaimed.
  • White Fused Aluminum Oxides have a HIGH friabilty, but the SAME HARDNESS rating (in general) of Brown Fused Aluminum Oxides.  It will thus shatter on impact and break down quickly, without doing as much damage/impact to the substrate.
  • Sinterblast, or Sintered Aluminum Oxide has a MEDIUM friability.  Think of it as the middle ground between Brown Fused and White Fused.  It can be recycled in coarse sizes, but will not have the long life of a Brown Fused AO.  It is often preferred by powdercoating companies due to its lower cost.  If you are just taking off mil scale prior to coating, this is a great media to try out.  THIS IS WHY YOU BLAST AT A 60 PSI WITH THIS MEDIA.  ANYTHING HIGHER AND YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE GOOD RESULTS.

Recommended For:

  • Sandblasting
  • Grinding and Cut Off Wheels
  • Coated Abrasives
  • Laminates
  • Coatings (great for anti slip)
  • Polishing and Lapping (Fine grades 400 and finer.  1200 grit is often used in rock tumbling machines:  This grade is often used as a lapidary polish, having an average particle size of about ~3 micron, often used as step #4 in rotary rock tumblers as well as the final step in vibratory polishing.) 
  • Ceramic Shapes and Refractory Applicaions
  • Anti Skid Flooring (Coarse grits like a 24)
  • Surface Preparation
  • Etching, Carving & Gouging:  (Coarse grits like a 36) 
  • Electroplating
  • General Industrial Use
  • Glass Etching
  • Lapping
  • Polishing - such as the last stage in rock rumbling (1200 grit)

Grade Sizing & Mil Profile - These Are Approximations Only!  Approximations are based on using a pressure blaster on hot rolled steel, having tightly adhering mill scale, using a 90-100 psi.  Anchor patterns will vary tremendously based on other variables such as hardness & type of steel, level of corrosion being removed, blast angle, blast distance from the steel, etc.

  • 1 mil profile = 100 grit aluminum oxide
  • 1.5 mil profile = 50 grit aluminum oxide
  • 2 mil profile = 36 grit aluminum oxide
  • 2.5 mil profile = 24 grit aluminum oxide
  • 3 mil profile = 16 grit aluminum oxide
  • 4 mil profile = 12 or 16 grit aluminum oxide 

Shipping & Packaging Information:

  • Pallet Packaging:  This media is generally sold by the net ton, or per 2,000 lbs.  Packaged in 50lb bags, 40 bags per pallet.  One net ton per pallet. 
  • Tote Packaging:  We can also package this in 2,200 lb super sacks. (1 metric ton) 
  • 400lb Drum Packaging:  For a couple pennies per lb more, we can package media into 200-400lb drums for you.  4 drums per pallet or 1,600lbs/pallet.  Please request this when you ask for a quote.  Yes, we can ship a single drum if that is all you need.
  • Discount Pricing:  Please use our Quote Request form to obtain custom pricing on larger quantities, with freight.  Remember to tell us your ship-to address and the total number of lbs or tons you want a bid on. 
  • Loading Dock:  Generally, you need to have a commercial address with loading dock to receive orders over 200lbs.  If you do not, we can ship it to a local terminal and you pick it up yourself from the terminal.  We can also ship to a residential address, but this generally will incur an additional freight charge.
  • Shipping:  Small orders under 200 lbs ship via UPS Ground.  See details below for larger orders.

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