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Boron Nitride (Hexagonal) Dry Lubricant Technical Data

Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder:   This product has structure and properties similar to graphite.  It is one of the most popular dry lubricants available today, due mostly to its lubricant properties and its inertness to molten metals and salts. It is often used as a mold release agent. It also improves the strength and hold ability of the present powder composites.

Application Examples:

  • Paints and coatings
  • Mold and die release agents.
  • Gun barrel coating
  • Bullet coating
  • Dry lubricant
  • Heat Sink
  • Hot pressed goods such as shapes and composites with high thermal conductivity, high electrical resistively and machinability.


  • Color: White in its dry state.
  • Structure: Hexagonal
  • Bulk Density:  0.4g/cc3
  • Particle Shape:  Graphite Similar
  • Sizes Available: -10 micron, -8 micron, and -5 micron

Product Gradations and Types: 

Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder is available in 3 grades: PG (Premium), SG (Standard) and CG (Custom). Premium is also referred to as Cosmetic Grade.  Custom grades are fine-tuned to the customer applications and are available on request with adequate volume.

Technical data

Grade   PG SG CG-F
Typical Applications   Cosmetic Industry, high purity ceramics Paints and coatings
Mold and die release agents
Ceramic Coating
Dry Lubricants
Misc. applications including ceramics
Appearance (dry state): Color Pure White White White
Chemical composition:   Typical Specifications Specifications
  Chemical formula: BN BN BN
  Total B+N 99.6% 99% min. 77% min.
  Calcium 0.014% n/a n/a
  Free Carbon 0.001% 0.02% max. 0.02% max.
  Iron 78 ppm n/a n/a
  Oxygen 0.03% 0.45% max. 12% max.
  Soluble Boron 0.2% 0.25% max. 2% max.
  Chloride 38 ppm n/a n/a
  Aluminum 78 ppm n/a n/a
  Silicon 0.001% n/a n/a
  Lead <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Arsenic <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Mercury <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Magnetic Metals 0.07% max. 0.07% max. 0.07% max.
  Moisture: 0.1% 0.1% max. 0.1% max.
Physical data: Particle Shape: Similar to Graphite Similar to Graphite Similar to Graphite
  Particle size D50 5.46 um 5.46 um 5.46 um
  Surface Area 7.4 m2/g 7.4 m2/g 7.4 m2/g
  Bulk Density: 0.4 g/cc3 0.4 g/cc3 0.4 g/cc3
  Tap Density 0.45 0.45 0.45
  Structure: Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal

Minimum Order Quantity: 

One pound is our minimum order, available online.  For larger orders over 50lbs, please call us for a quotation as well as shipping information. 

Sizing Information:  

The nomenclature of sizing is as follows.  "-5 micron" means "Negative Five Micron".  In other words, all particles will be 5 micron or smaller in size.  In the same manner, a "-8 micron" means that all particles are 8 micron or smaller in size.  These are ungraded powders, although we can grade them for you if there is an adequate quantity being ordered.  We have three main sizes to choose from:

  • -5 micron (D50 of 2-3 micron)
  • -8 Micron
  • -10 Micron (D50 of 4-7 micron)

Pricing & Packaging:

To obtain pricing for larger orders, we need to know the ship-to address, quantity, and product you are seeking. Please contact us for a bid. Standard packaging is 10 kg bags (22 lbs), 4 bags per fiber drum (88 lbs).