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Coal Slag

Coal Slag Sandblasting Abrasives are available in many areas of the country, particularly the Middle states.  Sizes ranage from a 1040, 12/40, 16/30, 28/50, 20/40, 30/60, or 40/80 depending on the location of the plant.    We can ship with or without Blastox (15% or 20%) for lead abatement.

  • Medium 12/40 gradation is appropriate to use when a rough profile is required, such as for heavy rust, thick coatings, mastics, tank linings, ships, barges, and concrete blasting operations. A heavy 3.0-4.8 Mil Profile is achievable with this grit size. Minimum Nozzle Size: 1/4"
  • Fine 2040 is best used for new construction, mil scale, paint and rust removal, and maintenance applications requiring a moderate mil profile of 2.0-3.8. Minimum Nozzle Size: 3/16"
  • Extra Fine 3060 is often used to create a smooth surface, high pressure water blasting systems, or brush off blast. This grade can provide a 1.0-2.6 mil profile. Minimum Nozzle Size: 1/8"


  • Low free silica (less than 0.1%)
  • Fast cutting, consistently graded, low dust
  • Passes California Title 17 (CARB) (at select plants)
  • Meets Industry abrasive specifications and environmental standards including SSPC AB1, 40CFR 261.24a (TCLP), and MIL-A-22262B(SH)
  • Will not rust, pack or attract dampness
  • Gives a high degree of etch for better bonding
  • Available preblended with Blastox up to 20%.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to coal slag, try crushed glass.  Most of our customers are switching to glass once they run a test.

Packaging Options:

  • 4,000 lb bulk bags; 3000 lb bulk bags depending on the location of the plant.
  • 50 lb bags or 100lb bags.  100 lb bags are less expensive than 50 lb bags.

Please Contact Us for a freight and product quotation.  Please specify your ship-to zip code.