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Silicon Carbide, Black

Black silicon carbide (SiC) is a semi-friable abrasive often used for general abrasive applications in bonded abrasive tools, lapping, polishing, tock tumbling, glass etching and frosting.  It is extremely resistant to wear, chemicals, and corrosion, making it excellent for sandblasting nozzles, furnace components, engine components, high tech ceramics, etc.  It is also an excellent choice for recycling as it is a sharp, blocky abrasive that breaks down into sharp splinters. 

Sandblastingabrasives.com offers a full line of sizes, with smaller orders available for online ordering.  We offer all ANSI and FEPA sizes in all grades and colors, including custom grades for volume orders. 

Black Silicon Carbide Technical Data:

  • High thermal conductivity rating of 100 W/m-K. 
  • Extremely hard:  Mohs 9.1 or 2550 Knoop.  Harder than aluminum oxide
  • Blocky grain, will splinter as it breaks down, fast cutting speeds, great for recycling
  • High strength at elevated temperatures. 
  • Great for glass frosting & engraving, stone carving & etching, rock tumbling
  • Grades 16 through 1500 available
    • NEW!  Now you can order either in 25lb units or 50 lb units - see order pages below based on your quantity
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