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Molded Glass Beads for Grinding, Stirring, Mixing (large sizes)

Molded Glass Beads for Grinding, Stirring, Mixing (large sizes)
SKU GSM Beads: 44 lb unit
Weight + Tare 46.00 lbs
Our price: $138.00
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Our molded glass beads are made from superior quality hardened soda lime glass.  They are processed with state of the art molding technology.  This process enables an exact forming of the beads especially with diameters over 4.0 mm.  These beads offer excellent roundness in sizes up to 25 mm.  They are shiny and smooth, with a low proportion of air bubbles, and a high degree of purity.

These have similar uses to the GSR beads, but are available in larger size range and have a tighter tolerance than the GSR.


Please Contact Us For Pallet Pricing Here.

  • Our Minimum Order For is 2 bags per order.
  • Packaging:  44 lb bags on a pallet, 50/pallet = one metric ton (2,200 lbs) per pallet is standard packaging.
  • Applications:
    • Grinding
    • Grinding paints, pigments and chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, Agro Chemicals, Inks, Dyes, Coatings, Cosmetics
    • Mechanical - Galvanized Plating
    • Valve closures and stirring/mixing media for aerosol sprays
    • Decorative:  Vase filler, wallpaper, and in faux painting/plastering techniques. 
  • Pricing Quotes:  Email us with your destination zip code, quantity, and size of glass bead.  We will work up a freight rate for you.

Sizes Available:    

ART# Diameter /Tolerance


1.5mm (+/-0.2mm)


2.0mm (+/-0.2mm)


2.5mm (+/-0.2mm)


3.0mm (+/-0.2mm)


3.5mm (+/-0.3mm)


4.0mm (+/-0.3mm)


4.5mm (+/-0.3mm)


5.0mm (+/-0.3mm)


6.0mm (+/-0.3mm)


7.0mm (+/-0.3mm)


8.0mm (+/-0.4mm)


9.0mm (+/-0.4mm)


Chemical Composition:

  • SiO2 66.70 Na2O 14% CaO 7.59%
  • Al2O3 3.46% B2O3 2.9%


Technical & Physical

  • Specific Weight: 2.50 g/cc
  • Bulk Weight: 3.30 lbs./ltr; 12.50 lbs./Gal.; 1.50 kg/ltr.
  • Hardness: Mohs>6.0; Rockwell 47RC; Knoop 100 gram
  • Refractive Index: 1.52
  • Elasticity module: 63 Gpa
  • Sphericity: >95%
  • Softening point 730C;
  • Annealing point 548C;
  • Transformation temperature linear expansion of coefficient (20-300C) 10-6K-1
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